IM 70.3 Rapperswil-Jona 2016

This time I decided not to push at all and to keep my heart rate down almost during the whole race. Especially in the water at 14.9 deg C. This approach paid off during the last 25 km on the bike and during the last run lap. In the end I felt OK, far away to be totally destroyed as in the past.
Still, I had several crises and needed to slow down, overall I was faster. On the top of all I reached my personal best time over the last 3 races in Rapperswil.
In the end, the highlight for me was not about the time or ranking, it was all about how I managed my forces and motivation during such a long race. I am happy that I have reached the state I was trying to find during several years of racing. Now, we will see if I will be able to repeat it in Austria.