Iron Bike Race Einsiedeln 2016

25/9/2016 Einsiedeln, SUI
Dvadeseti Iron Bike Race održan je 25. septembra 2016. godine u Švajcarskoj. Na ovom jubilarnom mtb maratonu učestvovali su Dalibor i Rade kao članovi Biciklističkog kluba GORSKI iz Sokobanje (Srbija). Završili su trku, maraton od 77 kilometara: Dalibor Đurić na 233. mestu u vremenu 4:34.56,4 a Rade Milenković na 424. mestu za 5:30.04,9 sekundi. Ova trka bila je takmičarsko finale 2016-e i još jedan uspešan završetak sezone za BK GORSKI.
Rade: This race is called Iron race not without a reason. Indeed, for me, this  one was the most difficult of all races I have done this year, mostly as of downhill sections. The weather was prefect. We arrived earlier enough to mount the bikes and to ride slowly to the starting line. The start, as well as the finish line, was placed near the huge and impressive  catholic monastery.
Maybe that was the reason why the race started with a prayer. So, the main point was to come back happy, tired and on the bike. Though the last race in the season, I was ready to go as fast as I could. I counted with more then 5 hours. Only the first part of the race was flat, where one could speed up. I decided to save my legs for the uphill sections. Dalibor had started 10 minutes before me. He is the speedy one who takes the challenge, especially for his favourite race. After the first 10 km, climbing starts, followed by steep gravel descents. At several locations it was better to push the bike and run. It was warm, my legs were heavy and I was fighting all the way. On the last flat part, for the very first time, I experienced intensive muscular cramps. I have heard about them only from stories. They came suddenly and, fortunately, disappeared after 10 minutes, just before the last technical descent. Finally, finishing the iron race was a real relief.