Schwarzwald Bike Marathon 2016

11/9/2016 Schwarzwald, GER
Članovi Biciklističkog kluba GORSKI, Dalibor Đurić i Rade Milenković, učestvovali su, 11. septembra 2016. godine, na jubilarnom 20. Schwarzwald Bike Marathon-u, tradicionalnom nemačkom maratonu u planinskom biciklizmu. Oni su vozili 60 kilometara po prelepoj planini Švarcvald. Dalibor je zauzeo 151. mesto a Rade 329-o od 788 takmičara na ovom veoma popularnom mtb-maratonu u Nemačkoj, koji je ove godine zabeležio rekord po broju učesnika.

Rade: We did not travel long, but we needed to get up early in the morning. When we arrived, the city was full of bikers, ready to go. Sparkling feelings, nice weather and a long waiting line for starting numbers marked  our morning race. Soon, we were ready at the starting line, moving slowly forward with other bikers. As the river of bikers slowly shifted uphill, I balanced lazily and carefully, whereas Dalibor tried to overtake and to move forward. After 15 minutes I lost him and continued easily at moderate speed on my own.  Suddenly, just 20 m in front of me, a fellow biker fell. Everyone at the front reacted quickly and yelled. I passed and continued to ride at a steady pace. The race was on. Steady climbs and, for me, fast descents. The trail was rich in diversities, fast and interesting. In the middle of the race, we had to stop because of a bottleneck in front of the narrow tunnel below the motorway. Quite a unique situation, which I experienced only there. I also had to stop at each station to refill my bottle. After less then 3 h, I finished the race delighted and tired, but keen to drink fantastic non-alcoholic  beer. Dalibor has already arrived and waited for me. Next, Einsiedeln, 77 km, the race called Iron Mountain Bike Race.

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