Cycling and triathlon Club БК ГОРСКИ

Cycling and triathlon Club БК ГОРСКИ has been founded in Soko Banja on 23rd April 2010. БК ГОРСКИ members are in love with mountain cycling and triathlon, a perfect mixture of man and nature.They are also workers well-known in the cycling and triathlon world, veteran and present competitors who helped the idea of founding a cycling and triathlon club in Soko Banja. They gave their best to help БК ГОРСКИ survive at the beginning of their work, when it was very hard, almost impossible to survive. БК ГОРСКИ was also helped by many people of good will, clubs, organizations, societies, schools, firms, musicians, painters, children... We don’t want to separate anyone on this occasion. БК ГОРСКИ is becoming stronger every day. As nature and cycling fans, БК ГОРСКИ members are making great efforts to raise a cycling and triathlon consciousness in Sokobanja. Soko Banja municipality is a vast potential for this sport as well as for cycling tourism. The club members are competing in Serbia and the surrounding countries in more different categories. Everyone is welcome in БК ГОРСКИPrepairing the professional (licenced) competitors is in the Club’s programme, but we are also prepairing recreational (non-licenced) competitors in love with this sport. Volunteering is understood, but БК ГОРСКИ is trying to be professional! Organization of cycling races is the Club’s favourite job and we are trying to set an example in our work. Our moto is: A bike has two wheels! Everyone deserves to ride and all the roads deserve to be ridden! The idea of a cycling club exists for a long time. We started to realise it on St. Dimitrije’s Day in 2009. From that day, until the present day when the club oficially exists as a legal subject, there have been many people working together at the same idea. They have been interested in the Club’s activities in many different ways and they have participated in and helped those activities despite the fact that they haven’t been official members of the club. For all the interested persons, the official work in the Club begins by signing the application form. We invite all the interested persons of all ages to sign in!