Club members


Predrag Milenković, the chairman
Aleksandar Miletić, member
Jelena Milenković, member
Ivana Miletić, member
Dejan Davidoski, member


Dejan Filipović, the chairman
Aleksandar Stanojević, member
Dejan Petrović, member


Membership fee for regular members – 1st team of the Club – 500,00 rsd a month (monthly paiment)
Membership fee for regular members – the others from the Club – 1500,00 rsd a year
Membership fee for helping members (those who help) – 500,00 rsd a month

Daily membership fee for helping members – the others from the Club:
daily membership fee 1 – 50,00 rsd
daily membership fee 2 – 200,00 rsd
daily membership fee 3 – 500,00 rsd
daily membership fee 4 – 1000, 00 rsd
daily membership fee 5 – 3000, 00 rsd

Honorary members of the Club do not pay the membership fee

Club’s emblem – a graphic solution is made by Radovan Stanojevic, an academy painter from Soko Banja

Club’s hymn –A Mountain Wheel – is composed by Vladan Rajovic, a drummer from Belgrade